The development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is a key aspect of our school curriculum and is the golden thread of our school ethos and daily life.  Through our long and medium term planning, together with enriching experiences, children have the opportunity to explore values and beliefs, including religious beliefs, and the way in which they impact on people's lives.


At Waterside Primary, we strive to provide an inclusive environment, ensuring children are successful learners who are equipped with the secure foundations they need to lead a successful life in modern day Britain. We aim to inspire children to have high aspirations air d to make positive contributions to their school community and wider community too - aspiring to be more, not have more. SMSC underpins every subject , allowing for their social, moral, spiritual and cultural  development as a consequence. 


Specific lessons, assemblies, charity events, themed weeks and experiences allow for all-inclusive opportunities, which  allow pupils to reflect on and understand areas of their lives that have value and worth.


P4C, (philosophy for children) is an embedded scheme within our S.M.S.C. strands, but equally across all areas of the curriculum.  This scheme allows our children to develop their metacognitive skills, creating children that are respectful, logical and free thinkers.  Openness underpins P4C, it gives the children an arena to discuss their own ideas and opinions in relation to a wide range of stimuli.  The understanding of no right or wrong answers, just given opinions. By removing this barrier, it allows for honesty, clarity of thought and self reflection.