Our Ethos and Values Statement

Waterside Primary School is proud to be situated in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent where cultural richness and diversity is celebrated within our school and our local community. There is sharp focus at Waterside on becoming respectful and tolerant citizens which enable positive interactions within and beyond our school. Although there is a high level of deprivation, and social challenges we are committed to ‘Empowering Learners’ and enriching lives. Due to the challenges within our context, we place high priority on developing the whole child. We are highly ambitious and inclusive and strive to intrinsically embedded the British Values and our Personal Development curriculum including our school values (Respect, Determination, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Inspiration, Equality) to ensure that pupils acquire skills and knowledge for future learning and life in modern Britain.  All staff at Waterside are highly aspirational and consistently delivery rich learning experiences within our ambitious broad and balance 4D curriculum that secure academic achievement and progress whilst going beyond the curriculum to reinforce the skills required for life-long learning. At Waterside we understand the importance of equity in ensuring all pupils are able to achieve from their individual starting points, and through the challenging and diversified opportunities that we provide, children become confident learners who are prepared for life beyond the classroom. Our ambition and passion for success for all drives the work that we do and the decisions that we make.

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