The Waterside Primary School Staffing Structure 2022-23

Last Updated: October 2023

Executive Headteacher  Mrs Rachel King


Headteacher Mrs Louise Willis

Strategic Leader for overall outcomes in  Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes. Personal Development and Leadership and Management. 


Assistant Headteacher (AHT) Mrs Naomi Rathbone 

Strategic Pupil Premium Lead,  Strategic STEM Lead and Maths Lead, Pupil Development Lead. 


SENCo Mrs Dannielle Joinson-Spencer

Strategic Lead for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children


Medical Lead

Early Years Lead Mrs Hollie Morray (Davies) Strategic Lead for Nursery, Reception and Transition to Key Stage 1
Key Stage 1 Lead  Mrs Bickerton-Dean Strategic Lead for Year 1 and 2 
Lower Key Stage 2 Lead  Miss Nicole Smith  Strategic Lead for Year 3 and 4
Upper Key Stage 2 Lead  Miss Caroline Cooke  Strategic Lead for Year 5 and 6 
Curriculum Development Lead  Miss Hollie Williams  Development of Foundation Curriculum, Enrichment  Lead and Digital Lead  
Child Protection and Welfare Officer Mrs Alice Twigg Attendance, DSL, Nurture and Family Support 

Our Safeguarding and Community Cohesion Team

Safeguarding Team Mrs Louise Willis (Head of School)

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Alice Twigg (Child Protection & Welfare Officer)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Parental Engagement Champion

Safeguarding Team

Miss Leah Roberts 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Pupil Champion

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Danielle Joinson-Spencer (SENCo)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for pupils with SEND and CIC ; Mental Health Lead 
Safeguarding Team Miss Kim Marsh  Nurture and Wellbeing support KS2
Safeguarding Team Miss Vikki Dove Nurture and wellbeing support EYFS/KS1

Our Teachers

  Name Role Additional notes for the academic year 2023-24
EYFS Teacher Mrs Hollie Morray Early Years Leader Unitl December 2023 Mrs Morray will be covered by Miss Stacey Edwards.
EYFS Teacher Miss Hollie Mayer Early Years Teacher  
EYFS Teacher Miss Amy Curtis Early Years Teacher  
Key Stage 1 Teacher Miss Jade Cawley Year 1 Teacher - Seals  
Key Stage 1 Teacher Miss Hollie Williams  Year 1  Teacher - Seagulls  
Key Stage 1 Teacher Miss Bickerton-Dean Year 2 Teacher - Penguins  
Key Stage 1 Teacher Miss Amy Smith Year 2 Teacher - Puffins  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Nicole Smith Year 3 Teacher - Turtles  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Charley Barnard Year 3 Teacher - Jellyfish  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Molly Olenczuk Year 4 Teacher - Stingrays  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Ros Edwards Year 4 Teacher - Manatees  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Mr Josh Grocott Year 5 Teacher - Narwhals  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Mrs Naomi Rathbone and Mrs Joinson-Spencer Year 5 Teacher - Dolphins  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Charlotte Selman Year 6 Teacher - Whales  
Key Stage 2 Teacher Miss Caroline Cooke Year 6 Teacher - Sharks  

Our Wider Teaching Team- Learning Support Staff 

Learning Support Staff Mrs Sharon Evans EYFS – Nursery Class
Learning Support Staff Miss Evelyn Goodwin EYFS – Nursery Class
Learning Support Staff Miss Lucy Seadon EYFS – Reception Class
Learning Support Staff Miss Lauren Sproston EYFS – Reception Class
Learning Support Staff Miss Chelsea Buxton Year 1 Class (SEND Support)
Learning Support Staff Miss Qurat-Ul-Ain Hussain Year 1 Class (SEND Support)
Learning Support  Miss Billie Harvey  Year 1
Learning Support Staff Miss Jane Barker Year 1
Learning Support Staff Mrs Vikki Dove Year 2
Learning Support Staff  Miss Tayyibah Jahangir Year 2
Learning Support Staff Mrs Stephanie Myatt Year 3
Learning Support Staff  Miss Akiiki Mugasa Year 3 SEND Support
Learning Support Staff Miss Jill Acar Year 3
Learning Support Staff Mrs Ami Flaherty Year 4
Learning Support Staff Miss Stephanie Boone Year 4 (2 days HLTA)
Learning Support Staff Mrs Lynne Lawtong Year 4 (SENDCo Assistant)
Learning Support Staff Mrs Emma Pagett Year 5
Learning Support Staff  Miss Leah Bell Year 5
Learning Support Staff Miss Kim Marsh Year 6
Learning Support Staff Miss Natasha Proffitt Year 6 
Reading PP and Assistant Mrs Michelle Webb Reading Assistant
HLTA Miss Leah Robert   
HLTA Miss Kiran Nisa   

Our Office Staff

School Business and Finance Manager Mrs Louise Groves HR, finance and Health and Safety
Administration Assistant  Mrs Kate Baker Main office staff
Receptionist  Mrs Nicola Gratton  Main office staff
Reprographics Miss Marcela Soldonova Environment and display

Our Premises Staff

Site and Premises Supervisor Mr Phil Hurst Premises
Janitor Mrs Nicola Craggs Janitor, Holiday Cover