Dance is a compulsory activity within the National Curriculum - it is also contributes to the life and culture of the whole school. Dance as a subject is unique, in that it blends artistic practice with physical activity. Dance has an affirmative impact on young people’s education and learning and offers opportunities for all young people of Waterside to perform in school. Dance exhibits positive changes in wellbeing. It also promotes whole school improvement through influencing the culture of the school, raising aspiration and enhancing the profile of the school in our community.


Dance remains one of the most popular art forms amongst young people. It is a cultural art form through which young people of all abilities can express their own identities and cultures. Dance enables young people people to gain artistic skills and discipline, as well as developing ability in physical interactions, teamwork, problem solving, observation, evaluations, verbal and non-verbal communication. Through dance, young people collaborate with other art forms, and make connections with design in space, musicality and creativity. Dance can improve self-esteem and confidence; it can widen aspiration and help tackle obesity and other health issues. 

The study of Dance at Waterside prepares children for secondary school, where they will continue to study this art form as part of the National Curriculum. Students may have the option to study Dance for KS4 assessment and beyond.


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