School policies are essential in ensuring our school values and vision underpins the culture of our school. You can download all of the policies or should you require additional policies then please come and ask at the school office or send a contact email on the message pad at the bottom of this screen.

If a paper copy is required of a policy published on our website, email to request or come to the office to collect a paper copy free of charge.

Email Request

Should you require any further information regarding policies or wish to view an additional policy. Please request below and the school will respond within 48 hours (where possible) or sooner. Thank you as always for your support.

School Policies - To inform our daily routines and practices

Waterside School Policies

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Health and Safety Policies

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Safeguarding Policies

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Government Policies

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Adopted Policies from neighbouring authorities - That offer additional consultation and reference to the school and its outcomes for pupils

Other Authority adopted policies

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