At Waterside Primary School, we believe that every child has the potential to be a budding mathematician. We know that Maths is pivotal to the next stages in our children's lives so we place great value on mathematical skills. Maths lessons take place daily and provide a supportive yet challenging environment for our learners to grow. We use a range of resources to ensure children are exposed to as many representations as possible. Teachers use manipulatives throughout lessons to improve varied fluency. We also challenge children to reason mathematically using 'prove me wrong' or 'killer' questions. Our curriculum aims to ensure that all children are fluent in basic Maths skills with increasing speed but also that children have the resilience and focus to tackle more difficult challenges. Our Waterside Value of excellence can be seen in our Maths work. Overall, our curriculum ensures that pupils enjoy and thrive in Maths. 

As Maths lead, I am passionate that children leave our school with the secure skills they need for quick mental Maths as well as the high levels of reasoning and problem solving we strive for. 

Maths Lead: Mrs Rathbone

Maths - Curriculum Overview

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Below you will find our curriculum progression maps. Teachers use these to plan for their class, see what prior knowledge children have and how to challenge children to go deeper in their learning. Sometimes, due to class need, teachers adapt their planning. We are flexible and use our assessment of each lesson to inform the next steps. Therefore, our plans are adapted to achieve the best progress for our pupils. 

Maths - Curriculum Progression

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Maths - Schemes of work

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